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*Personal Data Term & condition


We hereby inform you that we, and each of our respective related corporations (whether or not controlled by us) as data users or all of the following categories of personal information about you:

a- Master data: name, age, gender, date of birth, citizenship, NRIC No., nationality;

b- Contact details: home address, home phone number and mobile number, email address, work address, work number;

c- Any such information as we deem necessary or appropriate from time to time in connection with your commercial relationship with us.

d- We may also Process some or all of the following types of sensitive information about you in connection with your contractual relationship with us, including without limitation your health condition, your status, and the daily living activities of those in need of nursing care.


(Collectively together with (a)-(c) above, “Personal Data”).To the extent that you wilfully and voluntarily disclose to us any personal information whether or not coming within the definition of Personal Data above of any individual, we shall assume, without independent verification, that you have obtained such individual’s consent for the disclosure as well as the Processing of the same in accordance with the terms of this notification (“Notification”).

term & condition
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