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Dental Implant 

Builds a strong foundation for your smile restoration

Highest success rate with the most accurate procedure

If your smile has suffered extensive damage or even total tooth loss there is something you can do about it! At our dental practice located in both in Setia Alam and Ara Damansara, we offer a range of highly effective restorative dental treatments to rejuvenate your smile: As one of the most significant advancements in dental technology to date, dental implants have elevated the results restorative dentists can achieve dramatically. Mimicking the performance of a patient’s missing tooth root, dental implants are surgically placed into the site of tooth loss to form a solid foundation for prosthetic tooth replacements such as crowns and bridges.​

​After your dental implants have been placed it can take months to heal. Once your surgery is complete, the implant needs to be left to heal with the surrounding jawbone. This can take anywhere from 3-6 months and varies from case to case. Once your implant has healed completely we will then place your prosthetic appliance, whether it be a crown, bridge or denture over the implants to complete the process.

The benefits of dental implants

  • Dental implants have a very high success rate 90-95% in healthy adults

  • Mimic the feel, form and function of your missing tooth better than any other restorative treatment to date

  • Are suitable for cases of single, multiple and even total tooth loss

  • Provide seamless and aesthetically pleasing long term results 20-30 years in most cases

Dental Implant 1 by The Earth Dental


Dental Implant 2 by The Earth Dental


Dental Implant 3 by The Earth Dental


Dental Implant 5 by The Earth Dental


Dental Implant 4 by The Earth Dental


Dental Implant 6 by The Earth Dental


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